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The Me I Want to Be

2014 Lenten Study Blog – Session Five

Session Five: Transforming My Experience

“There can be no learning without novelty. There can be no novelty without risk. We cannot grow unless there has been a challenge to what is familiar and comfortable. The Spirit leads us into adventure. The Spirit leads us into a dangerous world. To ask for the Spirit is to ask for risk.” (Ortberg, The Me I Want To Be, chapter 22)

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2014 Easter Sunday

Topic: Three Resurrections

There is more to the Easter event than the divine Son of God being brought back to life. In fact, there are three dimension that the early church fathers taught concerning the Resurrection: a past, present, and a future dimension.

palm sunday

2014 Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday

Topic: Why Palms-to-Passion all today?

It is difficult for us, 2,000 years removed from these events, to grasp this huge swing of mood within the first 15 minutes of our worship experience today. But it is important for us to read these stories together, to remember how fleeting and fickle human affections are; and how risky it is to trust human approval.

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